julia wang

Space Out

Space Out

“Space Out” is an unofficial promo video for International Space-Out Competition. The competition is from South Korea, in which participants are required to sit idle without talking, sleeping, eating, or using any electronic devices in 90 mins. The participants’ heart rates are tracked every 15 mins to ensure they are actually relaxing, rather than faking a state of zen, and whoever has the most consistently relaxed heart rate will win.


To create a promotional video for International Space-Out Competition.


Motion Graphics
Event Promotion



The event’s official promo videos show past participants being disturbed.
However, I focused on participants’ inner dialogue, their daydreams, imaginations and the objects that can make them concentrated, such as clouds in the sky, clock, metronome, a glass of water and vinyl. I used colorful and playful elements to illustrate interesting aspects of the competition.