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“Pawtime” is a dating app for dog lovers who currently don’t own dogs, but are always looking for ways to interact with dogs in their lives. Based on comprehensive contextual research of dating experiences in Savannah by Yu Chu Chen, Yang Chen, Danyang Sun and myself, the concept of a mobile application was taken forward by myself. 


To connect dog lovers together and create better dating experiences for them by interacting with shelter dogs, in the hope of creating a positive cycle among dating people, shelter dogs and animal shelters.


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Dog-loving singles (who currently don’t own dogs) are always looking for ways to get dogs in their lives. They also consider dogs are the most important factor to find a match. However, there is no such emerging platform for providing the services in the market currently.



This is why Pawtime was born, an app that provides a direct and effective channel of connecting dog-loving singles with shelter dogs. This is an app that matches dog lovers not only by in-depth personal profiles, but also dog breeds and dog sizes preference as well as if they like the same shelter dogs. Pawtime is a solution to move online romance offline and create a better face-to-face dating experience by interacting with shelter dogs.


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