julia wang

Not Situated On A Right Place


Typography / Poster Design / Interactive

2017 International Design Awards (IDA) – Bronze Winner in the print-posters category
2018 Red Dot Award: Communication Design Winner – Posters Category


Discover Unusual In Usual.

I explored things that are not situated on a right place in my life and
took pictures of them. The background image is a manhole cover
I found in front of my house where the painted line on it did not match up
with the one on the street. I aim to create a contrast dialogue between
“situated on a right place” and “not situated on a right place”,
in the hope of bringing a brand new perspective.


More Than A Static Poster.

This interactive poster has 22 layers and presents two forms of visual combinations.
When it is not rotated, viewers can see a poem “The Place Where We Are Right” by
Israeli poet Yehuda Amichai. The beautiful poem suggests that growth can blossom,
not from our certainties, but from our doubts and loves, which also invites viewers to
rotate the 22 layers and interact with the poster. When the poster is rotated,
viewers can see the main theme “Not Situated On A Right Place ” instead.