julia wang

GT Space Technology

GT Space Technology

GT Space Technology is a startup company based in Hsinchu Science and Industrial Park in Taiwan with the objective of providing 360-degree video system technology for six-axis large Unmanned Aerial
Vehicle (UAV).


To develop a brand identity for “GT Space Technology” that communicates clean aesthetics and advanced new technology, while not too advanced for the average user.


Logo Design



The logo is a combination of a hexagon referring to the company’s main service (keywords: 360 degree / six axis) and the letter ‘GT’ from the first two letters of the company name.


Color Palette

The corporate colors of the brand were chosen to be gradient blue implemented in all applications of the identity, in an attempt to represent high-tech feeling.



The supplementary typeface used for the subtitle is Zip Typeface Bold, intending to display a futuristic look.


Company Collateral


Other Applications