julia wang

(Un)Real Me

Social Media / Poster Design / Interactive


Facebook Self = True Self?

The objective of this project is to explore people’s identities as expressed on Facebook
versus in real life. It is a large interactive poster with magnetic pictures on the top.
Viewers can see the perfect cover photo, profile picture, introduction and life photos
that I designed for my fake Facebook page on the top first. Viewers can also find out that
all of my friends are celebrities that I don’t know in my real life. I collected photos,
which indicate I am a designer and I care about art, design and life quality.
I tried to make the fake page to be more unrealistic and extremely fake with artificial colors.

But when viewers take away the magnetic pictures, my real life introduction and
photos reveal a Facebook page that expressed my real life at the bottom.
I captured my real life moments to depict who am I. I also played with photo compositions
and made connections between photos to have more interesting impacts.


Facebook Self


True Self