julia wang

E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial


2018 International Design Awards (IDA) – Silver Winner In The Print-Newsletters Category

E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial

“E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial” is a newspaper inspired by Steven Spielberg's movie – E.T. It is a publication focused on visualizing typographic voice and visual narrative of E.T.’s characteristics through photography, textures and image compositions.


To research on a famous character’s persona in depth and create a newspaper inspired by the character.


Newspaper Design



The newspaper integrates several articles as well as 6 typographic pieces designed to illustrate E.T.’s characteristics, including E.T. can let things float, E.T. burps after drinking beers, E.T. wants to escape from the government, E.T. is curious about the earth, E.T. hides on the earth and E.T. feels “ouch” when it says goodbye to the boy.


Articles and quotes used in the newspaper were sourced from film critics, thesis and multiple interviews.


An important characteristic of E.T. is to let things float.
The cover portrays that everyday objects floated by E.T. from bottom perspective.



This piece illustrates E.T. burping after drinking beers.



This piece illustrates that E.T. wants to escape from the government.
Photo Credit: Dick Bruinsma



I was inspired by a scene in the movie that E.T. is curious about a fish tank in the boy’s room.
When E.T. looks through the tank, its eyes are magnified by the tank.
I took several photos of glasses and types that magnified by glasses of water in different perspectives then extended them layer after layer in the poster, in the hope of expressing E.T.’s curiosity.


Extensional Design: Poster



This piece illustrates that E.T. hides on the earth.
I put typography under my bed sheet in order to portray something hides from the human world.



This piece illustrates that E.T. feels “ouch” when it says goodbye to the boy.
I use several needles poking into red typography to portray when needles poke into E.T.’s skins and let it feel pain.


Destroy The Newspaper