julia wang

Bear Beer

Packaging Design / Data Visualization

2018 Adobe Design Achievement Awards – Semifinalist in the packaging design category
2018 Packaging of the World – Featured Project


It Is OK To Still Sleep With A Stuffed Animal As An Adult.

The purpose of this investigation is to discover how data can be visually
manipulated to create radically different visual narratives.
The goal of the project is to convince adults that it is ok to still
sleep with stuffed animals. Therefore, I combined a teddy bear
with three beer bottles, in the hope of inspiring them to “drink beers and hug bears”.

Viewers can see more detailed data on the bottles, including
what percentage of adults still have their childhood stuffed animals by gender,
how many adults still sleep with stuffed animals by generation
and how many adult Americans still sleep with stuffed animals.

As stuffed animals are comfort objects to provide psychological comfort
and also offer stress relief, I encouraged adults to put their lonely or old socks
into the unstuffed bear. After that, they can sleep with it.


Beer Main Label (Front).

Beer Main Label (Back).


Beer Secondary Label.


Bear Tag.


Packaging Demo Video