julia wang

Bear Beer


2018 Adobe Design Achievement Awards – Semifinalist in the packaging design category

2018 Packaging of the World – Featured Project

Bear Beer

“Bear Beer” is a 4-pack beer carrier contains three beer bottles and one teddy bear. The concept of this project is inspired by my personal experience that I have slept with a 1982 vintage E.T. (the extra-terrestrial) plush toy every night for over 28 years. I feel comforted and secured to sleep with it. Therefore, I started to think about what if I can motivate adults to still sleep with stuffed animals just like in their childhood good old days.


Through research and the use of pre-existing data set, I want to convince adults that it is ok to still sleep with stuffed animals. The purpose of this investigation is to discover how data can be visually manipulated to create visual narratives.


Packaging Design
Data Visualization
Stuffed Animals



I combined three beer bottles with a teddy bear as a pack, in the hope of inspiring consumers to “drink beers and hug bears”. For the brand name I chose BUILD-A-BEAR. This easy-to-remember name has fuelled my work on the product concept.



Beer Main Label (Front)

With regards to each bottle’s persona, I decided to go with three generations: baby boomers, generation x and millennials. I was inspired by one of the data I collected, indicating how many adults still sleep with stuffed animals by generation. I wanted to convey the message to different generations that no matter how old you are, you can still sleep with stuffed animals like in your childhood.

Beer Neck Label

As percentage adult Americans still sleep with stuffed animals is an important data information to persuade consumers, I aimed to use the same data on all of the three bottles’ necks, in order to strengthen their impression.


Beer Main Label (Back)

Consumers can see more detailed data on the bottles, including how many adults still sleep with stuffed animals by generation, what percentage of adults still have their childhood stuffed animals by gender and the reasons why adults sleep with childhood nighttime companions.


Bear Tag & Manual Instruction

In order to have a fast and warm connection between consumers and bears, I added an interesting letter, wrote from bears in the tag, in the hope of building unique friendships between them. I also designed a manual instruction for providing guidance and advice on how to best enjoy the pack.


Unstuffed Bear

Stuffed animals not only provide psychological comfort, but also offer stress relief. Therefore, I encouraged consumers to relieve their stress by putting lonely or old socks into the unstuffed bear. After that, they can sleep with it.


Beer Carrier

In order to bring a warm and fluffy feeling of the bear, I collaged furs from different bears’ photos and fulfilled surface of the carrier. I also tried to add more elements into my carrier design as my visual language for this packaging shall be comforting. So I added fur inside the carrier.


Product Demo Video